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Hand Carving Natural Dalmatian Jasper Leopard


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The hand-carved Balmatin leopard print is stunning. All rough Balmatin stones are hand selected to ensure the highest quality crystal carving.

Leopards symbolize strength, strength, individuality and perseverance. Leopards are very powerful animals and natural warriors, so the person protected by the leopard totem is very unique and powerful. Their strength comes from their strong self-confidence and ability, and the deep impression they leave on people.

A lifelike leopard on the run with detailed details and a chic look. The fine processing of facial eyes and nose perfectly shows the vividness of the leopard, which looks very interesting and cute.
Size: 115*38*30mm

This gorgeous Labradorite Hand Carved Turtle fits easily in your pocket, making it perfect to hold in your hand, everyday carry, wrapped, placed in a trellis, or wherever your heart desires. You can also decorate it in your office, bedroom, living room or study room, it will add class to your room.

Natural Crystal Carved Panther can help you express your love to your family, friends, children or neighbors. And this leopard is also the most special gift for yourself, it can accompany you, inspire you, and bring you unlimited energy.

Please note that each leopard is hand carved from natural Dalmatian Jaspe so each one is unique. Every piece of animal carving has natural patterns and very gorgeous ornate carving process. Each turtle will vary in color/pattern/height/width due to natural stone and hand carving process.

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